OMEGA 3, is a kind of oil which has DHA  and EPA fat acids and human body can’t produce them. It must be taken from foods which have them . And these substances are found in fishes mostly, especially in fish living in cold water. Cold water is caused more fat and Omega3 production in the fishes. Fish should protect himself from the cold. Thus the flavor of the northern fish which has much more fat production is more delicious.


Omega-3 deficiency is related with depression;


BRAIN early signs that increased omega-3 needs are forgetfulness and depression. Pregnant and during pregnancy, enough to take the Omega-3 Omega-3 reserves before pregnancy in the postpartum period due to brain taken away by the baby can take a serious Omega-3 starvation. This deficiency is associated with postpartum depression. Therefore getting pregnant than those who give birth child, much like early swallows support like folic acid DHA, so you should get the support of Omega-3. Pregnancy is also a necessity to maintain this support. Enough omega-3 fatty acids in the body, especially to give the DHA enough to the unborn child without a mother's DHA is not possible. However, DHA is one of the essential ingredients for the baby will be born for eye and brain development.


Benefits of Omega 3


Balanced intake of omega fatty body protection from many diseases.


The brain is developing.

Vision strengthens.

Reduces the risk of stroke.

Reduces the risk of diabetes.

Reduces the arrhythmia.

Memory support.

Losing weight.

Preventing depression.

Oiling the joints.

Strengthens against cancer.

Blood pressure balancing.

Triglycerides were factors that play a role in reducing heart attack.

Reduce bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.

Thinned by increasing the blood flow, helping to easily pumped by the heart, prevent gangrene. Fingertip blood to circulate in the body by providing all numb, prevent cold depending on the movement of the fingers and toes, or commuting

So vein occlusion (thrombosis) or fat accumulation vessels (arterioskelerosis) to prevent them.

It is good for our immunity. Omega oils for a strong immune system is very important. Especially influenza infections, psoriasis, rheumatoid artartrit, plays an important role in the treatment of diseases such as asthma and allergies.

Omega fatty acids prevents the aging of skin cells fight against free radicals. Renew skin cells fun..

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