Ingredients; (4 persons)


2kg whole shrimp,

1 cup olive oil,

1 lemon juice,

4 cloves garlic,

3 pieces of fresh red pepper

1 bunch dill,

1 lettuce,

salt, black pepper and thyme.



        After filling water into our deep pan up to half, we add salt, black pepper, thyme and chopped garlic and leave to be boiled. After boiling 5-6 minutes, we put the shrimps into cold water in another bowl to make them shocked. How long you make the water colder, colors of our shrimps will be brighter. Then we peel off the shells of the shrimps.


        If the shrimps are large size then we take out intestine from back side with a sharp knife. If our shrimp is small then no need to do that. Marinate the peeled shrimp with salt, lemon juice and olive oil. If you wish you can add red pepper flakes and thyme to marinated sauce. We serve our plate after decorate with lettuce, red pepper and fresh dill.

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