Ingredients; (4 persons)

2.5 kg Black Scorpionfish,

1 cup olive oil,

1 lemon juice,

1 clove garlic,

1 tablespoon tomato paste,

3 fresh red pepper,

250g fresh green pepper,

salt, pepper, thyme, red pepper powder.


Firstly I want to mention the most important issue we need to know about the scorpion fish. This is very dangerous fish which has poisonous spines at its fins and head. But its meat hardness and taste are very different than other fishes. If we give the value to the flavor of the meat then it would be on the expensive fish class, but unfortunately the poisonous spines take down its economic value. The easiest way to get fillet; before we take out inside, cut the fish from tail to head with thin & sharp knife for both sides. After that we put skin side to cutting board and squeeze the skin with fingernail and move blades up to tail. Then we wash and clean the fillets.


To prepare our sauce, crush the garlic with knife and mix thyme, lemon juice, red pepper powder, tomato paste and olive oil. Add the cube chopped filets in this sauce to be marinated for 3 hours. You can add hot red pepper flakes to your sauce if you like. And then align fresh peppers to skewer with meat parts, as seen from the pictures and we cook slowly on barbecue.


You can serve with seasonal greens... Enjoy it

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