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Turkish: EŞKİNA


Brown Meagre is a fish between 30 to 40 cm long but that can reach 60 cm. Its flat belly and its strongly curved back give it a particular shape easily recognizable. The anal and pelvic fins are black with an anterior white border. The two dorsal fins and the straight-ending caudal fin, are yellow with a black margin. The gray body has golden and silver glints. It is laterally compressed. The mouth is large reaching the level of the eye. The brown meagre is rather a nocturnal fish but it can sometimes be encountered during the day among seagrass beds, on rocky bottoms close to caves or large crevices in which it can shelter. It lives in small groups, often less active at day than at night when it catches small fish, crustaceans or shellfish.
It is found from 5 m to 200 m deep, in the Atlantic Ocean, the English Channel and the Mediterranean Sea.

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