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Turkish: SOMON

Tapering, streamlined for speed and agility Body. The anal fin has a maximum of 12 rays, which distinguishes the common salmon relatives Pacific. Salmon and whiting (sea brown trout) are similar, and how they are landlocked (lake) for salmon and brown trout lake.
Before spawning the lower jaw of the males shaped curve pronounced hook. The smolt, found in freshwater, bear little resemblance to adult salmon. They can be distinguished from the young trout from the long pectoral fin more pointed. Also for the maxilla than in the adult, it extends only to the rear edge of the eye.

Salmon leave the sea (or lake) and back their native rivers to spawn in spring and summer. Spawning takes place between September and November in water with a depth of 0.5 to 3 m and can continue for up to two weeks.


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